Kelvin Temperature Scale

Definition - What does Kelvin Temperature Scale mean?

Kelvin Temperature Scale is defined as the temperature scale where zero Degrees Kelvin is treated as absolute zero which simply means that below this temperature no further temperatures exist. Absolute zero, or 0°K, is a hypothetical temperature at which there is no molecular movement at all. In physical sciences, temperature is measured in terms of Kelvin, denoted by ‘K’.

Petropedia explains Kelvin Temperature Scale

Kelvin Temperature Scale or absolute zero temperature is equal to - 273.15° C when converted to Celsius temperature scale. In thermodynamics, the temperature of any body when determined can be either expressed in terms of Kelvin or Celsius. The relationship between Kelvin and Celsius Scale is easily understandable by referencing freezing and boiling temperatures of water in Celsius and Kelvin.

The boiling temperature of water in Celsius scale is 100°C and the freezing point temperature is 0°C whereas, the same temperatures in terms of Kelvin scale are expressed as 373.15°K and 273.15°K.


0°C = 273.15°K and

100°C = 373.15°K.

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