Well Services

Definition - What does Well Services mean?

Well Services are the maintenance services that are done after the well has been drilled and completed. Well Services division of petroleum manufacturing organizations manages the affairs regarding the oil wells. A wide range of matters are managed by the Well Services department which helps an organization to manage the existing wells. The department is also responsible for resourcing experienced personnel for the effective management of wells and the matters concerned. Well Services department usually manages the well issues or requirements in the later stages of oil production. Basic Well Services such as servicing, maintenance, workover, well work etc., are performed under the supervision of Well Services supervisor.

Petropedia explains Well Services

A wide range of maintenance services such as well work are done in the later stages of oil production, which are known as Well Services. These services are handled by a separate division also known as Well Services. This division handles the oil or gas well related operations that are performed either during or when the well has reached the maximum limit of its production range. These maintenance services can be operated on both onshore and offshore sites. When any issues are faced during the oil production phase or after, it is referred to the Well Services department, which makes use of equipment and devices appropriately to address the concern.

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