Workover Rig

Definition - What does Workover Rig mean?

A Workover Rig is a portable rig that is used to perform workover operations in a well. Once the economic life of a well is over, the rate of production starts to decline. Also if there’s a mechanical failure in the well, its production may drop, thus, in order to boost up the production from these offline wells, workover rigs are used. These are mobile rigs and can be easily moved from one location to another to perform well repair and production enhancement work.

Petropedia explains Workover Rig

Oil and gas production can be either onshore or offshore and thus, Workover Rigs are also available for both onshore and offshore well services. They perform one or more remedial operations such as plugging, deepening, pulling and resetting liners on a producing well. Generally, Workover Rigs are operated by Diesel Engines available in a range of 150 to 1000 horse power output having transmission of 8000 to 30000 feet.

Oil field service organizations supply Workover Rigs as a complete package to E&P organizations that comes with following list of equipment:

  • Rig for drilling.
  • Generator sets.
  • Mud Pumps and Tanks.
  • BOP and control systems.
  • Power Swivels.
  • Pipe handling systems.
  • Office units and crew members.
  • Koomey systems.
  • Trucks and Trailers.
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