Pipeline Pigs

Definition - What does Pipeline Pigs mean?

Pipeline Pigs are devices that are used to perform the operations related to a pipeline’s maintenance. Pipeline Pigs are loaded into a launching station known as a pig launcher. They are then launched inside the pig launcher, where high pressure forces them to reach to the other end of the pipe, which is known as a pig catcher, receiving trap or receiving station. The Pipeline Pigs are thus moved inside a pipeline without halting the high-pressure flow of the product.

Petropedia explains Pipeline Pigs

Pipeline Pigs are devices that are used in the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the pipelines used in the production phase of oil and gas. Cleaning pigs help in cleaning the pipeline by getting rid of buildups, sediments and metal objects that are stuck inside the pipe. The pigs are usually used along with lubricating oil in order to empty the pipe and clean it up from any possible contamination. Pipeline Pigs are used in pipelines before starting a batch or after the completion of the batch. Ultrasonic leak-detection pigs detect any possible leaks inside the pipeline which can help in preventing a major disaster.

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