Drilling Consultant

Definition - What does Drilling Consultant mean?

A Drilling Consultant is an individual who ensures that the drilling operations of an oil well are done as per the operator’s drilling program. The Drilling Consultant coordinates with the drilling operators, Derrickhands and other rig crew and personnel for the safe and efficient completion of the drilling process. He also compiles daily performance reports and project cost tracking.

Petropedia explains Drilling Consultant

A Drilling consultant plays an important role in oil well drilling operations as he/she keeps a track of costing, reporting, resources and safe and efficient operations at the site.

Other responsibilities of a Drilling Consultant include:

  • Ensuring the well construction operations are conducted in accordance with the government policies and regulations.
  • Managing resources on rigs and third party personnel on day to day activities.
  • Performing proposals evaluations made by various O&G service provider vendors.
  • Working with supervisors and engineers for technical recommendations and field operations.
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