Pigging Pipline

Definition - What does Pigging Pipline mean?

Pigging Pipeline is the process of cleaning, inspecting and rectifying the internal cross-sectional area of crude, natural gas or petroleum products pipeline with the help of Pipeline Intervention Gadgets or PIGs. These intervention gadgets can be placed inside the pipeline and they can move to and fro inside the pipe. Pigging Pipeline helps to maintain the pipeline intact and protects it from damage.

Petropedia explains Pigging Pipline

Any flaws such as cracks, dents or sludge deposits inside the pipeline can be disastrous and interrupt the smooth flow inside the pipe. Thus, in order to keep the pipeline intact from internal damages, maintenance tools known as Pipeline Intervention Gadgets are introduced into the pipeline with the help of Pig Launchers and Receivers. Assembly of Pig Launchers and Receivers are also called as PIG Traps.

Since every pipeline is different in size, there is no set schedule of performing pigging; however, the quantity of slurry decides when to perform the pigging. Various types of Pigging Pipeline instruments used nowadays include:

  • Utility Pigs such as Cleaning Pigs, Foam Pigs, Geometry Pigs, Mandrel Pigs, etc.
  • Inline Inspection Pigs (Smart Pigs)
  • Specialty Pigs such as Gel Pigs
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