Conversion Calculator

Definition - What does Conversion Calculator mean?

A Conversion Calculator is a device that is used to convert fps system of units to mks/ si system of units. Conversion calculators are available for a wide range of unit types such as, basic units (acceleration, angle, area, currency, length, temperature, volume, weight etc.), gas units (volume, specific volume etc.), fluid units (crude oil, fluid velocity, viscosity etc.), force & power units, drilling units, production units etc.

Petropedia explains Conversion Calculator

In any mathematical or scientific calculations, we have to convert different values from one type of units to another type of units. The old system of units was FPS system whereas the new system of units is MKS/ SI system of units. Further, there are different unit types which need to be converted from one type to another within the term group. These all conversions can be done with the help of a conversion calculator. The calculator can also convert metric units to imperial units and imperial units to metric units. Most conversion calculators require electricity to operate and manual action for every operation.

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