Offshore Rig

Definition - What does Offshore Rig mean?

An Offshore Rig is an oil drilling rig that is installed in an offshore location. The offshore rig primarily consists of floating platforms which make up the drilling, production, storage and transporting units. These floating maritime platforms are majorly installed at a location in sea; however, some other rigs are movable and can be transferred from one place to other. Also known as an offshore platform or oil rig, the Offshore Rig consists of all the necessary structures loaded with tools and equipment that are helpful to the drilling crew to extract oil and gas from a remote subsea well.

Petropedia explains Offshore Rig

Remotely located subsea wells produce oil with the help of an Offshore Rig. The Offshore Rig contains all the important floating or permanent structures that have equipment mounted on them to drill an oil well. The Offshore Rig is also commonly known as an oil platform, oil rig or offshore platform. There are different types of oil rigs such as semi-submersibles, drillships, fixed platforms, jackups and spar platforms to name a few. The Offshore Rig and its different units help in producing oil and natural gas from the oil well located under the sea. Two or more subsea wells maybe covered by a single Offshore Rig that is connected by subsea solutions, i.e., flow lines and other connections.

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