Kalrez (TM)

Definition - What does Kalrez (TM) mean?

Kalrez is a sealing ring made up of Per Fluoro Elastomer (FFKM) that can resist reactions from more than 1800 different chemicals and offers a great stability at higher temperatures (up to 327 degree Celsius). It is one of the types of FKM (Fluorinated Elastomers) and is the product of DuPont. They are O-shaped or custom designed and are used in many applications in the industries. As per ASTM D1418 standards, FKMs (Fluorinated Elastomers) are designated for 80% fluoroelastomers.

Petropedia explains Kalrez (TM)

Kalrez is supplied in standard O-rings or custom shapes designs used in various industrial applications for sealing purposes. Kalrez when compared to other elastomers generated O-rings, offers better and effective sealing; hence they are aggressively used in chemical and petrochemical industries, petroleum exploration & production, refineries, semiconductor wafer manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and aerospace industries. Kalrez O-rings help in maintaining the integrity of seal, and reduce maintenance & operating costs.

These products also withstand severe temperature and pressure conditions in the down hole and resist any reactions from sour gas or corrosive fluids and thus, maintain their physical properties and sealing capacity at great harsh environmental conditions deep below the surface. The suggested Kalrez product grade recommended for the oil and gas industry is Kalrez 0090.

Based on various industries requirements and working conditions, Kalrez O-rings come in a size range of Kalrez Size 0 to 3 options.

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