Junk Retriever

Definition - What does Junk Retriever mean?

A Junk Retriever is a tool which is made on the bottom of drill stem and is used to pick up junk and debris from the bottom of a wellbore. It is used during the drilling process to collect objects, junk and debris in the borehole. The tool is designed with ports which allow the drilling fluid to exit from the tool. The flow of the fluid forms an area of low pressure inside the tool so as to lift and hold the junk.

Petropedia explains Junk Retriever

A Junk Retriever is used to remove the debris from a borehole and circulate the fluid in the borehole in a prearranged manner. During the drilling operations many objects get damaged and accumulated at the bottom of the borehole such as drill pipes that get stuck in the borehole and have to be removed. Also during the cutting operations, the cutter blades become broken and get accumulated on the bottom of the borehole and they hinder the drilling operations. These damaged objects which accumulate on the wellbore are removed with the help of Junk Retrievers.

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