Junk Mill

Definition - What does Junk Mill mean?

A Junk Mill is a mill that is used to perform heavy duty milling jobs. It is designed with a Kutrite that helps in chewing up the hardest drilling materials. The mill used in both the open hole and cased operations. It is a very simple and rugged tool which is used to mill all kinds of junk such as bridge plugs, bit cones, squeeze tools, hard-banded tool joints and packers on the drill pipe. To stabilize the Junk Mill, wear pads are produced so that a hole is not cut in the casing during the milling process.

Petropedia explains Junk Mill

The Junk Mill is designed with the heavy duty and standard configurations to chew up the junk present in the hole. It makes the milling jobs effortless even while cutting the hardest fish-like squeeze tools, drill pipe, alloy steel packers, reamers, rock bits, reamer blades and perforating guns. It is available in following types:

  • Normal: It is designed for removing the general junk, packer, milling of tubing and cement.
  • Flat-Bottom: It is different from the normal Junk Mill as greater amount of hardfacing is enforced on this type of Junk Mill.
  • Conebuster: It is different from the flat bottom Junk Mill as a concave shape is given to the mill with this type of Junk Mill.
  • Cobra: The blades of this Junk Mill have offset designs that make it different from the flat bottom junk mill.
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