Definition - What does Cementing mean?

Cementing is the process of pumping a mixture of cement slurry, cement additives and water into a well through the casing. The main aim of cementing a wellbore is to hold the casing in place and ensure there is no fluid leakage between the subsurface formations. Cementing a well also helps in bolstering the well casing, making it corrosion free, and preventing pollution of fresh water zones.

Petropedia explains Cementing

A successful Cementing process ensures that there is no loss of production, or flow of fluids to the surface. Cementing also reduces water production, helps to attain zonal isolation, and improves confinement of stimulation treatments. The Cementing process in CO2 injection wells should be carried out in such a way that it mitigates the risk of CO2 leakage and degradation.

There are two types of Cementing, i.e., primary and secondary cementing.

  • Primary Cementing- In Primary Cementing process, cement slurry, cement additives and water are mixed and pumped down through open hole below casing string.
  • Secondary Cementing- This type of cementing is performed to rectify any flaws in primary cementing jobs.
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