Junior Orifice Fitting

Definition - What does Junior Orifice Fitting mean?

Junior Orifice Fitting is a tool that is used as a source of measurement of natural gas. The tool is made in a way such that it allows the operations to be performed by one person and save time and money. When the orifice plate is placed in the tool, it produces a distinct pressure by suddenly compressing the medium which is flowing through it. This distinctive pressure can be measured via two taps that are located on the Junior Orifice Fitting in the proximity of constriction.

Petropedia explains Junior Orifice Fitting

Using the single chamber design of the Junior Orifice Fitting allows for inspection and replacement the orifice plates without the removal of fittings from the flow line. This tool excludes the efforts that are required for inspecting and removing the orifice plates which are housed in the typical orifice flange installations. The orifice plates restrict the fluid flow through the pipeline. When the fluid reaches the plate, the pressure slightly increases and then suddenly drops when the orifice is passed. The established calculations and procedures allow the rate of flow to be completed.

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