Definition - What does Joule mean?

Joule is a SI unit used for representing energy or work. One joule is equivalent to one newton meter and is represented by the symbol ā€˜Jā€™. As kinetic energy is said to be one half of mass which is the square of velocity, 1 joule is considered as the mass of 2 kilograms moving with the velocity of 1 meter per second.

Petropedia explains Joule

Joule was named in an honor of the British physicist J.P. Joule. It is refers to the energy transferred to an object at the time when the force acting on the object is one newton towards the direction of the motion of the object through the distance of 1 meter. It is the energy that gets dissipated when 1 ampere of electric current is passed through the resistance of 1 ohm in 1 second. It is equivalent to about 0.7377 foot-pounds or 10000000 ergs.

A Joule is also defined as:

  • The work required for moving 1 coulomb of electric charge through 1 volt of electrical potential difference.
  • The work needed to produce power of 1 watt for 1 second.
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