Isolith Map

Definition - What does Isolith Map mean?

An Isolith Map is a map that contains contour lines which depict the thickness of a lithology. In an isolith map the points of a similar lithology are usually connected by a series of contours. These maps help geologists to select a particular component of the rock in a stratigraphic unit and analyze its structure, components, thickness, permeability and other physical or chemical properties.

Petropedia explains Isolith Map

An isolith map is similar to an isopach map, with the only main difference being that an isolith map shows the information of a particular selected isolith, while an isopach map shows true stratigraphic thickness of an overall rock layer and formation. Isolith maps only show the net thickness of a particular selected piece of rock type or rock component in a given stratigraphic unit. Thus, similar to isopach map, these maps are helpful in understanding the volume of hydrocarbons present in a particular set of reservoirs.

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