Iodine Number

Definition - What does Iodine Number mean?

Iodine Number is the mass of iodine represented in grams which is exhausted by 100 grams of a chemical substance. It is generally used to discover the unsaturation amount in fatty acid. The unsaturation can be seen in double bonds that react with iodine compounds. The more the iodine attached, the more the iodine number and C=C bonds found. Oil, wax or fats with high values are more reactive, less softer, stable and more affected by rancidification and oxidation.

Petropedia explains Iodine Number

Iodine Number, also known as iodine value, iodine index or iodine absorption value is the measure of the unsaturation of a substance which is expressed as grams of iodine or similar halogen absorbed by hundred grams of a substance. The drying oils which are used in varnish and in the paint industry have comparably high Iodine Numbers. The semi-drying oils like soybean oil contain intermediate Iodine Numbers while the non-drying oils like olive oil which are used in food products and soap making have comparably low Iodine Numbers.

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