Insert Pump

Definition - What does Insert Pump mean?

Insert Pump is a pump which is inserted in the tubing and run like an assembled unit along with the sucker rods. This kind of pump is anchored in a mechanical or cup-type seating nipple that runs as the part of the tubing string. The pump is removed from the tubing by pulling the sucker rod string. The pump should be smaller than the tubing pump and hence should consist of a less capacity of the given tubing size.

Petropedia explains Insert Pump

The Insert Pump and tubing pump can easily be serviced by pulling the sucker rod string. These pumps are made with the top or bottom hold downs. They can be found with mechanical hold down or three-cup seating assembly. They contain precision barrels of around forty inches and are available in honed and hardened, Nicarb and Brass. They are manufactured with the spray metal plungers. They are also known as rod pumps and are made with internally or externally threaded heavy wall barrels for huge rigidity and strength. They are applicable especially to the wells with great depth.

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