Inert Gas

Definition - What does Inert Gas mean?

Inert Gas is a gas that does not undergo a chemical reaction within given conditions. The gas is typically used to avoid unwanted chemical reactions which degrade a sample. The unwanted chemical reactions are hydrolysis and oxidation reactions which contain moisture and oxygen. The most commonly used Inert Gases are purified nitrogen and argon because of their high natural abundance. These gases are not only elementally necessary but also compound based. They can be obtained by the fractional distillation of air.

Petropedia explains Inert Gas

Inert Gas is used in food packing as it removes oxygen gas and prevents bacteria from growing. It can also be used to prevent historical documents from degradation. It is non-reactive hence it is used to prevent unwanted chemical reactions from taking place. It is also used in the chemical industry - in the chemical plants all the reactions are conducted under these gases to minimize fire hazards. Inert Gas systems are used to ensure that the atmosphere in the cargo bunkers or tanks does not come under the explosive range.

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