Induction Motor

Definition - What does Induction Motor mean?

Induction Motor is an AC electric motor which contains an electromagnetically induced current in the rotor. The motor does not need a separate excitation, self excitation or mechanical commutation to transmit all or a part of the energy to the rotor from the stator. The Rotor of the motor can either be of squirrel-cage type or wound type. The synchronous speed is referred to a speed magnetic field rotation in the rotary machine and depends on the number and frequency poles of a machine.

Petropedia explains Induction Motor

Induction Motor is also known as asynchronous motor as it runs with a speed less than the synchronous speed. The rotating magnetic field produced in the stator generates flux in the rotor that allows the rotor to rotate. The rotor never reaches to its synchronous speed because of the underdeveloped flux current in the rotor and the flux current of the stator. There are two types of Induction Motors:

  • Single-phase – they are broadly used for smaller loads like household appliances such as fans.
  • Three-phase squirrel-cage – these are extensively used in the industrial drives as they are economical, rugged and reliable.
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