Indirect Measurement

Definition - What does Indirect Measurement mean?

Indirect Measurement is a method of measuring liquids, gas or solids within a system indirectly. This method is utilized when there are no means of direct methods of measurement available. It is also used when it is difficult to test or perform measurements with direct measurement methods. All the testing methods that do not consist of any apparatus or instruments fall under indirect testing or measurement.

Petropedia explains Indirect Measurement

There are a number of quantities that do not make use of direct instruments for their measurement. Some interpretations or tests need to be conducted to comment on their measurement levels. All the methods and techniques that make use of logs, charts, readouts and interpretations of data and analysis fall under the category of indirect measurement methods. An indirect measurement system comprises of instruments such as transducers, sensors, data readers and interpreter which are integrated in a way that the entire measuring system senses, analyses and converts data into analogues output in the form of charts and logs.

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