Indexing Valve

Definition - What does Indexing Valve mean?

Indexing Valve, also known as sequencing valve is a valve that uses time-based sequencing to pass fluids through different outlets without human intervention. The valve has one inlet and multiple outlets depending on the number of zones where the fluid is required to be flown. It consists of a mechanical indexing mechanism which gets actuated by sufficient water supply being turned on and off.

Petropedia explains Indexing Valve

Indexing valves provide easy ways to divert the flow of fluid to different zones depending on the predefined sequencing without human intervention. These valves control the passage of fluid through a pipe or duct. An added advantage of the valve is that no electric connection is required for it to function. The devices are automatic and only allow movement in one direction. They are mainly used in water sprinklers, waste water and aquaponics system. Indexing valve has a mechanical sequencing cam arrangement depending on the number of zones to be flooded. It can be used for either domestic or industrial waste water system.

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