Incandescent Lamp

Definition - What does Incandescent Lamp mean?

Incandescent Lamp is the electric light which produces light when a wire filament gets heated at high temperatures by an electric current that passes through it until it glows. This hot filament is prevented from oxidation with a quarts or glass bulb which is evacuated or filled with inert gas. These lamps are manufactured in a huge range of light outputs, voltage ratings and size. They have a low cost of manufacturing, do not need an external regulating system, and are capable of working efficiently in both direct and alternate currents.

Petropedia explains Incandescent Lamp

The Incandescent Lamp generally contains a glass enclosure with a tungsten filament. The filament is heated to a temperature which produces light by passing electric current through it. It usually has a glass or stem mount which is attached to a bulb's base that makes electrical contact to run via envelope without any gas or air leaks. Small wires are installed in stem to support the filament or the lead wires. The lamps are compatible with control devices such as timers, dimmers and photo sensors. They are used in household lighting and commercial lighting as well. They are also used in portable lighting like car headlamps, flashlights, and table lamps and in advertising and decorative lighting.

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