Imaging Radar

Definition - What does Imaging Radar mean?

Imaging Radar is a radar application that is used for creating two-dimensional images, mainly of landscapes. It is basically a type of radar equipment that is used for the purpose of imaging. It works more like a flash camera which provides its own lights for illuminating an area on the ground and also takes snapshot pictures at radio wavelength. Instead of using film and camera lens, it uses a digital computer tape and an antenna to record its images. Only the light which reflects back toward radar antenna is seen in a radar image.

Petropedia explains Imaging Radar

Basic radar technology includes the emission of radio waves, receiving the reflections and also using the information for generating data. In imaging radar, the waves which return can be used for creating an image. Some changes are made when radio waves are reflected off objects and offer data related to the object such as the distance traveled by the waves and various objects they encounter while traveling. By using the data acquired, the computer creates a 3-D or 2-D images for the target. The application can be operated in the presence of obstacles which complicate the target and penetrate the walls, ground or water.

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