Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health (IDLH)

Definition - What does Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health (IDLH) mean?

Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health (IDLH) is the exposure to the airborne contaminants which can cause death, delayed or immediate permanent adverse effects on health of an individual, or prevent the escape from such environment. It is also defined as an atmosphere which causes an immediate threat to life, or which can cause various irreversible hazardous health effects or impair the ability of a person to escape from the dangerous atmosphere. The values of IDLH are typically used to guide a selection of breathing tools which are kept available to the firefighters or workers, in particular, situations.

Petropedia explains Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health (IDLH)

Immediately Dangerous To Life or Health includes the limits of workplace exposure which are meant for preventing the workers at the time they are exposed to hazardous and toxic chemicals during their course of work. The definition by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a part of a legal standard that is a minimum legal requirement. The workers are encouraged to apply careful judgment and avoid unnecessary risks, even when the only immediate risk is reversible like disorientation, non-toxic contamination, temporary pain or nausea. The limits of IDLH were formed to mainly assist in making various decisions related to the respirator use.

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