Incident Command System

Definition - What does Incident Command System mean?

Incident Command System is a standardized approach to coordinate, command or control an emergency response. It was initially developed to address the problem and responses with the California and Arizona wildfires. The procedures that are to be followed, should be sanctioned beforehand or pre-established by the participating authorities. The procedures must include control funds, facilities, personnel, communication devices and equipment. However, manpower are only facilitated on the basis of some standards and procedures. It is especially designed to be used for the interval of time that is no longer available.

Petropedia explains Incident Command System

The concept of the Incident Command System was established in 1968. Initially, it was established so as to manage the hierarchy of US Navy, then for fighting wildfires in Arizona. The major challenges that occurred during the system were:

  • Lack of accountability
  • Unclear hierarchies of supervision
  • Poor mode of communication
  • Lack of common terminology

The chief role of designing the management system is to enable effective combination of equipment, procedures and personnel in the organization. With advancements, it provides administrative support to the operational staff, thus it became a unified and authorized system.

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