Initial Circulating Pressure

Definition - What does Initial Circulating Pressure mean?

Initial Circulating Pressure is the pressure of a drill pipe which is needed for circulating initially at a kill rate which is selected when the casing pressure is held at a closed-in valve. It is equal to the closed-in drilling-pipe pressure plus the circulating kill-rate pressure numerically. It is the pump pressure that is required while the shut-in well which took a kick, is circulating after opening the well initially.

Petropedia explains Initial Circulating Pressure

Initial Circulating Pressure is measured together with the safety factors which can be added while bringing a pump to speed. It is essential to determine the correct Initial Circulating Pressure for the operations of well control, as the Initial Circulating Pressure provides the information about balance point when influx is circulated out using the methods of a driller. When the safety margins are added unintentionally, the formation downhole can be fractured as workers tend to add lot of safety factors while circulating. Excessive safety added to the system can also damage and worsen the well control operations.

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