Hydroset Tool

Definition - What does Hydroset Tool mean?

A Hydroset Tool is a tool meant to set the wireline pressure in permanent downhole equipment. It is set by hydraulic pressure in the downhole environment. This tool can also help in setting up gas lift installations and other well completions. It is suitable for well completion applications where the inbuilt zone activated pressure can be used to set up the stacked installations.

Petropedia explains Hydroset Tool

In the petroleum industry, a Hydroset Tool is a tool that is set by hydraulic pressure and utilized in several applications. It is used for finishing the well completion. This tool sets and manages the wireline pressure in a downhole, which may require it to stabilize the hydraulic pressure. It is most suitable when used along a tubing string, where this hydraulic device gets released by the straight pick-up. A Hydroset Tool can be used after the well completion, where the well has been done with the process (flanged up). A hydraulic set production packer is a type of a Hydroset Tool, which is ideal for well completions that can have either deviated or vertical holes; it is also used in other completion installations as well.

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