Definition - What does Hydroscopic mean?

Hydroscopic is defined as the way of looking and observing things under the water. This is possible byusing an instrument known as “Hydroscope” which helps to see the objects under water and take its images. This instrument helps in seeing objects at good amount of underwater depths.

Petropedia explains Hydroscopic

Hydroscopic in simple terms is expressed as a way of observing things and taking the images inside the water surface at good amount of depths. The equipment used for this purpose is called “hydroscope” which operates on a principle of combination of electronics and optical science. This technique is used in the offshore oil and gas activities and helps in observing the sea bed structures, various challenges that an oil company has to face while working on offshore oil and gas projects such as challenges faced during laying the petroleum pipelines on ocean bed or drilling an oil well under water, etc. Hydroscope takes clear images of the ocean bed and engineers can work out various ways to overcome underwater challenges after looking those images.

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