Hydraulic Workover

Definition - What does Hydraulic Workover mean?

Hydraulic Workover is a well workover process which helps in the repair of both onshore and offshore wells. It involves halting the production on a producing well so as to conduct well remedial operations to improve the hydrocarbon production. It includes but not limited to additional perforations, new zone perforations, changing completion strings, well fishing operations, isolating certain zones and sand screen installations.

Petropedia explains Hydraulic Workover

Hydraulic workover functions are performed with the help of hydraulic workover units (HWU’s). These units can quickly perform various workover operations such as repairing of well casings and casing levels, sand cleanout from the well, change out completions, well deepening, tailpipe and liners installations, plug milling, cementing, and repairing of downhole safety valves. Hydraulic workover units are very cost-effective and efficient machines considering the cost involved in the exploration and production activities. The units are designed to work in both offshore and onshore sites.

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