Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Definition - What does Hydraulic Torque Wrench mean?

A Hydraulic Torque Wrench is a power tool made to exert torque on a fastener to achieve proper loosening or tightening of the connection by using hydraulics. The wrench is enforced to the nut in conjunction or directly with an impact socket. With these, a controlled and predetermined amount of torque can be applied to a well lubricated fastener. The characteristics that set this wrench apart from other powered wrenches with similar functions are:

  • It is self-ratcheting.
  • The torque is generated by the use of hydraulic means.
  • An accurate method for determining amount of the torque applied is included.

Petropedia explains Hydraulic Torque Wrench

The Hydraulic Torque Wrench was invented in Houston by George A. The wrenches were first launched in the market in early 1960's in basic form. Since then, several key advances have been introduced to the wrenches by their manufacturers. These changes offer several improvements in the usability and technology of the tool which are far beyond the concept of the original tools.

At present, the tools offers several benefits like small dimensions of the nose radius that fit into the tight spaces, light weights, use of actuation triggers and exotic alloys on tools, and the ability to simultaneously run many tools using a single power pack. These wrenches are different and better than the pneumatic impact wrenches because they are light in weight, quieter, accurate and capable of providing similar torque results. This makes the Hydraulic Torque Wrench an appealing alternative for the users to those cumbersome impact and loud wrenches.

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