Hot Tapping

Definition - What does Hot Tapping mean?

Hot Tapping is a well completion process in which a hole is drilled through a pressure barrier with the help of specialized set of procedures and equipment. These specialized equipment and procedures make sure that the pressure and fluids are safely contained when any access is made. Hot tapping helps in enabling access to a wellbore in cases where a wellhead valve jams and closes.

Petropedia explains Hot Tapping

Hot tapping is also known as pressure tapping. It is a method of making a connection to the existing piping or pressure vessel without the interruption of emptying that section of pipe or vessel. This means that a pipe or tank can continue to be in operation whilst maintenance or modifications are being done to it. The process is also used to drain off pressurized casing fluids and add test points or various sensors such as temperature and pressure sensors. The size of the hole prepared during hot tapping varies as per the need and ranges from 0.5 inches to 48 inches.

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