Hazardous Waste Manifest

Definition - What does Hazardous Waste Manifest mean?

A hazardous waste manifest is a special shipping document that is designed to keep track of the hazardous waste right from the time it is shipped off from the site until it reaches the waste management system. The manifest system is an inherent part of the EPA system, which is responsible for monitoring the hazardous waste, i.e., how is it stored, transported or disposed of. Hazardous Waste Manifest form is an essential requirement when keeping track of all the devices and means of transportation.

Petropedia explains Hazardous Waste Manifest

In the petroleum industry, there are many kinds of hazardous wastes that are produced during the various processes involved in oil refining. These wastes have to be transported, treated and disposed of in a proper manner. Therefore, a hazardous waste manifest form is required, i.e., a shipping document that keeps a proper record of all the information about the waste, special instructions and other formal protocols. This is an essential document in the hazardous waste management system as it contains the entire information regarding the hazardous waste, right from the moment it is shipped off to the management facility.

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