Man Hour

Definition - What does Man Hour mean?

This is the total amount of work that is carried out by an average employee in an hour. It is a way of measuring the productivity of the employees, which is usually counted in estimation, with respect to the total amount of work that is expected to be performed without any interruption. The man hour is just a way of estimating pure work done and is done in a variety of industries.

Petropedia explains Man Hour

In every industry, including oil and gas, man hour is a measurement unit used to calculate pure work hours done by each worker. In general, it is referred to as the complete hours that are required to perform a task. The main reason why man hours are counted is because they can be helpful in determining the effect of changes in total workforce, with respect to the total amount of time that is required to complete a task. In the petroleum industry, man hours can be significant in estimating the total time required to drill an oil well, extract oil and so on.

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