Hydrated Lime

Definition - What does Hydrated Lime mean?

Hydrated Lime, also known as Calcium Hydroxide, is an inorganic compound which is formed when Calcium Oxide is combined with water. It is generally known as slaked lime or milk of lime and its chemical formula is Ca(OH)2. Being an alkaline solution, it is used to remove or neutralize carbonate ions, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from any solution. It has stabilizing properties and it is due to these variant properties that it is used in a myriad of industrial applications right from plastering walls to treating sewage.

Petropedia explains Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime is used in many industries including the oil and gas industry. The chemical property of this solution has a neutralizing effect and it is used as an additive in the drilling fluids used in the petroleum refining industry. The reasons why calcium hydroxide is used in drilling fluids is because of its increased pH level that provides additional alkalinity. It also removes soluble carbonate ions and is used in the oil-base mud additives. This solution is relatively safe for use and does not cause any harm to the user or the industry. Thus, in drilling operations, hydrated lime is used as a conditioning agent.

Apart from its usage in drilling operations, hydrated lime also has application in refinery operations. It helps in neutralizing the resulting sulfur impurities from the sulfur treatment plant and thus, helpful in removing air pollutants. It also helps in making the refinery processes corrosion resistant.

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