Thru Tubing Systems

Definition - What does Thru Tubing Systems mean?

In the oil and gas industry, thru tubing systems are a set of tools that are used in oil well bore operations. These tools are used to carry out various activities such as well stimulation, isolation and fishing on an oil field. Through the thru tubing systems, engineers are capable of removing any wellbore instructions, making exits for wellbore, and inducing efficient well stimulation and sand control to name a few. This system is an important aspect of downhole operations and is specifically designed to execute thru tubing activities.

Petropedia explains Thru Tubing Systems

So as to carry out different activities of downhole operations, a wide range of specially designed equipment is used. Whether it’s a motor or an oil well intervention tool, thru tubing systems are high-quality machinery used for all kinds of thru-tubing operations. These tubing systems enable the completion of operations such as sand cleanouts, extended-reach milling, downhole separation and well stimulation. Thru tubing systems are also commonly known as thru tubing equipment.

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