Slickline Equipment

Definition - What does Slickline Equipment mean?

Slickline is a single strand wire used to run various tools into the wellbore to carry out several operations. It is a smooth, long, unbraided wire which is often shiny silver or chrome in appearance. Slickline is used to raise and lower the downhole tools used in gas and oil maintenance. Various Slickline Equipment that is lowered into the well to perform several functions include, rope sockets, stems, jars, running and pulling tools.

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Petropedia explains Slickline Equipment

The various Slickline Equipment used in gas and oil maintenance are as follows:

  • Jar: It is a tool that can be closed and extended rapidly to generate a mechanical shock to toll string.
  • Stem: The stem is used for adding weight to the tool string to overcome the pressure inside the well.
  • Pulling Tools: These tools are used to bring the wireline components that have been dropped in the well.
  • Gauge Cutter: The gauge cutter is a tool with an open-ended and a round bottom that is cut to an accurate size.
  • Lead impression block: The lead impression block is run to determine the nature of any obstruction found downhole.
  • Downhole Bailer: This is a downhole tool generally long and tubular shaped which is used to get samples of the downhole solids and bail unwanted downhole solids.
  • Sample Bailer: It is a tool of around a meter length and has hollow tube with 40 mm diameter with an opening at the top and a ball check at the bottom.
  • Stroke Bailer: It works like a Chinese Water Pump used to collect unwanted solids from the wellbore.
  • Hydrostatic Balier: It works like a vacuum used to suck unwanted solids from the wellbore.
  • Running Tools: These tools are attached to a wireline tool string to run another tool which is meant to be kept downhole while tool string returns to the surface.
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