Downhole Equipment

Definition - What does Downhole Equipment mean?

Downhole Equipment is the system of hydraulic oil recovery which takes into account an above the ground unit as well as a reciprocating and submersible downhole pump unit. These tools are used for torque reduction, hole enlargement and drag resistance improvement. All operators depend on these tools for improving the efficiency and lowering the total drilling and production costs. The equipment for oil well pulling and running is a system which provides a tool body that releases a work string in the form of tool assembly and for reattachment, if it is desired.

Petropedia explains Downhole Equipment

A water based fluid is helpful on the actuation of the reciprocating pump unit of downhole as compared to a hydraulic fluid. This water based fluid is transferred through the equipment using coiled tubing. The downhole tools are required to be elongated so that they can be easily slid within the bore of the main body. The Downhole Equipment must have a piston lock that can lock the piston in the first running position. It must also have a cage member which is disposed below the seat of the valve and a channel which can extend between the valve seat and cage member.

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