Gauging Tape

Definition - What does Gauging Tape mean?

A Gauging Tape is a tool that is used to measure the quantity of stored liquids in large capacity storage tanks. The tool is primarily used in oil depots which store crude oil as well as petroleum products in large storage tanks. Gauging tapes used in the oil and gas industry are of two types, i.e., innage and outage gauging tapes.

Petropedia explains Gauging Tape

Innage gauging tapes outage gauging tapes help oil exploration and production organizations in determining the amount of crude oil and petroleum products they have stockpiled. Innage gauging tapes comes with an innage plumb bob which is cylindrical shape and pointed at one end, similar to the shape of a bullet. The tip of the plumb bob reads as zero point. The purpose of innage oil gauge tape is to determine the depth of the stored liquid inside a storage tank. This tape measures the height of the liquid from bottom of the storage tank till the surface of liquid. The plumb bob has to touch the bottom of the storage tank.

Outage gauging tape measures the amount of liquid that has been removed from the storage tank. This tape comes with an outage plumb bob. These tapes are cut at 3’’ mark and must come in contact with the surface of the liquid so as to measure the quantity.
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