Gas Input Well

Definition - What does Gas Input Well mean?

A gas input well is generally known as a gas injection well. It is a well that pumps gas inside an oil reservoir and the injected gas is usually for maintaining the pressure inside it. Injection wells have been used for a long time and a gas input well is a type that makes use of gas instead of fluids or other substances. This input well may use either miscible or non-miscible gases, injected at different intensities to control the amount of pressure in the oil well.

Petropedia explains Gas Input Well

Companies drill different kinds of input wells, in order to carry out oil and gas extraction process.These wells, which are more commonly known as injection wells make use of either fluids or gases to create pressure inside the oil pool. A gas input well is also referred to as a gas injection well, as gas is injected to control the intensity of the pressure, which can be high or low. Since gases have a tendency of mixing with oil in certain pressure and temperature, an engineer may use either miscible or non-miscible gas to inject inside the well as per the requirement.

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