Gas Injection Well

Definition - What does Gas Injection Well mean?

A gas injection well is a wellbore that is drilled specially to maintain pressure in an oil reservoir. It is through gas injection well that gas is injected and pressure is increased or decreased underneath. Usually, a gas injection well makes use of gases that are not miscible, i.e., that do not mix with oil. This ensures that the gas, without mixing with the oil, is able to maintain a certain level of pressure in the original reservoir. A gas injection well is equally important as an oil well because it helps in maintaining the required amount of pressure to aid in other operations.

Petropedia explains Gas Injection Well

Injection wells are usually used to inject substances so as to create pressure in an oil producing unit such as an oil reservoir. A gas injection well is a well that is specially drilled to inject gas in it. The gas helps in controlling the amount of pressure in the original oil reservoir. For gas injection, two kinds of gases can be used; miscible and non-miscible. Non-miscible gases that are used in a gas injection well are nitrogen, flue and natural gas, whereas miscible gases that are used are methane, propane, etc.

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