Definition - What does Galvanize mean?

Galvanize is the process of coating a zinc layer on iron or steel so as to protect against corrosion of the base metal. The zinc works as a sacrificial anode and forms a corrosion resistant coating that prevents corrosive substances from penetrating to the base metal. Galvanized steel is essentially pure zinc with a very small percentage of aluminum. The aluminum provides improved adhesion between the coating and the steel substrate during formation.

Petropedia explains Galvanize

In the galvanization process metal items (mainly steel or iron) are submerged in pure molten zinc at a temperature of approximately 454 °C (850 °F). This process gives galvanic protection to the metal when exposed to a corrosive environment. It not only protects various ‘soft metals’ from corrosion but also adds strength to the original metal. A galvanized coating is very useful in extremely corrosive environments such as marine atmospheres. The corrosion performance and life of the galvanized product depends on the thickness of the galvanized coating; a thicker coating will provide longer life.

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