Fuel Pump

Definition - What does Fuel Pump mean?

A Fuel Pump is a mechanical or electrical device fitted aside a vehicle’s engine. The Fuel Pump is responsible for pumping gas to the engine from the fuel tank. The fuel tank is usually located at a different position from the engine. Therefore, a Fuel Pump is required mostly in cars or other vehicles that have internal combustion engines in them to pump up the gas from the fuel tank over to the engine. The Fuel Pump, along with a carburetor works in order to supply the fuel to the fuel tank.

Petropedia explains Fuel Pump

A vehicle that contains an internal combustion engine requires a Fuel Pump for the easy working of the engine. The latest non-gravity feed design engines need it in order to facilitate the easy flow of fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. The Fuel Pump provides fuel to the carburetor at a very low pressure. If the engine has a fuel injection system, then the pump provides fuel to the engine at a high pressure. A Fuel Pump can be of two types – mechanical and electric. Mechanical fuel pumps were used in carbureted engines; however, after the implementation of the electronic fuel injection systems, the electric mechanical pump is used in the modern day automobiles.

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