Free Pump

Definition - What does Free Pump mean?

A Free Pump is a type of pump which is used in hydraulic drive systems which are either hydrodynamic or hydrostatic. This is the source of power that is used to convert mechanical power to hydraulic energy. The pump generates a flow with enough power that overcomes the pressure produced by the load at the outlet of the pump. A vacuum is created at the outlet of the pump when the pump is operated. The vacuum forces the liquid into the inlet of the pump and delivers it to the pump outlet with mechanical actions and finally forces the liquid into the hydraulic system.

Petropedia explains Free Pump

Free or Hydraulic Pumps are used as power generating sources for several dynamic machines. These pumps are used to push large amount of oils with the help of hydraulic motors or hydraulic cylinders. These pumps work according to the principle of displacement. They have mechanically sealed chambers through which the liquids are transferred from the suction port or pump inlet to the outlet. These chambers are used to ensure that there is no connection between these two ports of the pump. These pumps are considered suitable to be operated at high pressures of the system and ideal for the hydraulics.

Hydraulic Pumps can be manufactured depending on various hydraulic system and functional requirements like the type of drive, required pressure range and operating medium, etc. Every Hydraulic Pump has huge range of configurations and design principles.

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