Definition - What does Fracturing mean?

Fracturing, also referred to as Hydraulic Fracturing, is a process that is frequently used to break rock formations. Fracturing refers to the breaking of rocks using high-pressure ‘fracking fluid’ which is injected into the earth's surface using a hydraulic machine. The process helps in stimulating the easy flow of gas or oil after the rock formation has been fractured.

Petropedia explains Fracturing

Fracturing process is responsible for creating easy paths within the earth's surface, by breaking rock formations, so that gas or oil can flow easily. The rocks inside the earth's surface are accessed by a drilling process, which makes a hole in the surface. It is through this drilled hole that the ‘fracking fluid’ which is mainly water, combined with sand and other solid materials is sent into the wellbore that further induces cracks in the rock formations. Once the rocks are fractured with the high-pressure hydraulic liquid, substances such as brine, natural gas or petroleum can flow easily and be accessed.

Fracturing process is extensively required nowadays to ensure the prolonged functionality of all the wells, be it oil or gas. Through the use of hydraulics, the well remains working for a longer time and it is possible to produce more gas and oil.

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