Fracture Zone

Definition - What does Fracture Zone mean?

A fracture zone can be defined as a region that has minute cracks which are located near a crack tip. It is the transitional space between a cracked and intact portion, which helps the minute cracks to merge with the crack tip and form into a single structure. A fracture zone is a pivotal region in determining the production and flow of the oil and gas, especially when hydraulic fracturing is done to break into the rock formations.

Petropedia explains Fracture Zone

During hydraulic fracturing, a bed rock is broken using high-pressure drilling fluids to cause fissures. The zone where the fissures or fractures are formed is referred to as a fracture zone. The zone has a main crack tip and the surrounding area that has several minute cracks. The width of this zone also holds an importance in fracture zone as it determines the total area that has been affected by the impact of the high pressure fracking fluids.

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