Definition - What does Fracture mean?

A fracture can be defined as deep cracks that are induced after high pressure drilling fluids are injected in a wellbore. Fractures are important in the extraction of oil and gas as they are made so as to improve the flow of oil or gas from the underground reservoir. Once a well is dug, fracking fluids are injected through the hole to make a network of fractures by breaking the deep rock formations.

Petropedia explains Fracture

Fractures are induced inside the earth’s surface where an oil and gas reservoir is located. This is done in order to increase the flow of the natural resources that are beneath the rocks, with the aim of increasing production. To fracture means to break a rock formation using hydraulic fracturing whereby the fracking fluid,which is a mixture of water, proppants and sand is injected inside the hole with high pressure. The surge of the fluids is maintained until it is high enough to break the rock and cause cracks in it. These cracks of fractures are then used as a network to boost the flow of oil and gas.

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