Forest Service

Definition - What does Forest Service mean?

The Forest Service is a body which has the responsibility to ensure the development of the forestry to a scale and in a manner that boosts its contribution to the socio-economic comfort of the nation on a continuous basis, adaptable with the environmental protection. Its prime strategy is to develop the forestry sector through the range of financial incentives by increasing the planting and the range of the planted species. The forestry can also be developed by training the farmers and other people the techniques of forest management and by promoting the development of forest processing category.

Petropedia explains Forest Service

The Forest Service is required to manage the grasslands and restrict mining, logging the land leases, building and road constructions so that grazing and farming are not hindered. The Forest Service has the following strategic ambitions:

  • To advance the sustainable and dynamic development of the forestry.
  • To inspire the increased employment.
  • To enhance the quality of planting.
  • To bolster the training and research.
  • To boost planting of the distinct species.
  • To advance the level of the farmer cooperation in forestry.
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