Foot Valve

Definition - What does Foot Valve mean?

Foot Valve is a type of a check valve that is created to maintain a large flow area so as to reduce the head loss. This valve is either made up of PVC plastic or stainless steel. It is installed at the lower section of pump suction line but inside the wet well. It should be made of high quality material as it maintains the pump between the pumping cycles thus improves the pumping efficiency.

Petropedia explains Foot Valve

Foot Valves are specifically designed to provide better sealing. The main function of a Foot Valve is to prevent the flow reversal thus it is used in the suction side of the pump. Due to its sturdy and rigid design, it can also prevent entry of foreign bodies into the pump. It provides long service life to the device. Foot Valve sizes may vary from 50 to 600 mm and are made in accordance with the IS 4038 manufacturing standard. There are different types of Foot Valves, such as flanged foot valve and screwed foot valve, which are used in sump pumps, water intake pumps, and well pumps.

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