Flow Test

Definition - What does Flow Test mean?

A Flow Test is part of the field production phase in the oil and gas industry. During the production phase, the wells produce a common separator and then the fluids flow through various separators. This results into a mixed flow in the pipelines transporting gas or oil for sale. A collective amount of flow of all wells can be calculated easily but to measure the individual well flow rates, a smaller test separator is used.

A Flow Test is also known as a Daily Test.

Petropedia explains Flow Test

At Offshore drilling rigs, a common separator is produced by all the wells and it becomes hard to identify the flow of each well discretely. It is essential to find out the contribution of each well as it accounts for the material balance in hydrocarbons. Therefore, to measure the rate of flow for each well, a Flow Test is carried out. This small test is an outlying procedure and less used as compared to the general flows. To calculate the flow rate of a well, the flow from the well under test is directed to the test separator. The separator then splits the flow from the well into the streams of individual products that are oil, gas and water.

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