Flow Monitor

Definition - What does Flow Monitor mean?

A flow monitor is a device that is designed to keep track of the oil flow that takes place from a pump to a system. There are different kinds of flow monitors used in the oil and gas industries today. A flow monitor can also have automated sensors that monitor the oil flow from exceeding a certain level. A flow monitor helps to maintain the record of the flow of oil which is flowing from a pump to a system.

Petropedia explains Flow Monitor

In the oil and gas industry, flow monitors are utilized especially when the flow of oil or lubricant is being monitored. This automated flow monitor is capable of monitoring the oil flow and indicating low or high level of oil flow. The flow monitor can be installed with a pump to monitor the amount of oil that flows from it to the lube point. It can also be used to check whether the oil being flown from the pump is being done in continuity.

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